I-Search Paper - Cloning Research I-Search Paper Part I...

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Cloning Research I-Search Paper Part I- What I Already Know I don’t really know much about cloning. I know that it is a very complicated procedure and it is very hard to do. I know that some of the benefits of cloning will help with stem-cell research and could have incredible advancements in the medical field. I do not like the sound of cloning though. Every time I think of cloning, I think of all those movies that have been made about clones. I think of all the horrible things that go wrong with the clones. I also think about how weird that would be to have another me around. That would be cool if I got injured and needed another organ because I would have it right there, but then I wonder if that would be morally wrong. It might because the clone is a living, breathing creature too. I hope this paper will help me to learn more about cloning than I ever knew. Part II- What I want to Find Out There are many things I would love to find out about cloning. I would want to know whether it is morally wrong to be cloning people. I want to know what the procedure is behind the actual cloning process. How far are they along in the research of cloning? Is cloning safe? What government policy should be enacted to control safe cloning? Will laws regarding cloning stifle the advancement of scientific discoveries? Is cloning safe to use with human cells? Are there valid reasons to apply cloning technology to humans? How harmful is cloning on animals?
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I-Search Paper - Cloning Research I-Search Paper Part I...

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