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Stephanie Warner I remember back when I was younger, going to my grandparents and always watching this same movie over and over again. I never could remember what it was called but it was always the one that I wanted to watch. It was the perfect love story of my childhood. I would watch that old VHS tape again and again and it would never get old. I could recite lines from it. The scary parts were always scary, the exciting parts always exciting, and the jokes always funny. “The Princess Bride” is one of the movies that will be around forever. It starts off with a boy (the Wonder Year’s Ben Savage) sick in bed playing a video game, when his grandfather (Peter Faulk) comes in with a present. It’s a book. The boy is a quite disappointed but gives the book a try. As the story unfolds, the magic of the book takes the boys imagination to higher places. The story of the princess bride introduces the fairytale and the story of the epic in a fun new way. The fairytale story starts of with Buttercup (Robin Wright) who falls in love with
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