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Undergrad Research Sinigrin - Stephanie Warner CHM 161 Dr...

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Stephanie Warner CHM 161 Dr. Danielson 21 April 2006 Undergraduate Research - Solid phase extraction of sinigrin Introduction: Herb garlic mustard seed is a non-native species that is invading forests in the Midwestern and northeastern states. It prevents grow of the hardwood seedlings. This happens because garlic mustard seed releases sinigrin into the soil which prevents the germination of certain fungi necessary to promote tree growth. According to the lab manual there has been other research done on this problem. It was proposed that sinigrin could be removed from the soil using material like activated carbon. This is because the active site of the enzyme myrosinase will be blocked and cannot catalyze the reaction of sinigrin to form the undesirable products. One experiment to extract the sinigrin was done, where they coated bentonite, which is negatively charged clay, with a poly, which converts it to a positive charge. Doing this only produced an adsorption from solution in a 10-15mL range of only about 5-17% removal. This did not get much adsorption of the sinigrin, concluding this may not be the most effective way of solving the problem. Sinigrin absorbs light at the ultraviolet ray level of 227 nm and has a very small visible spectrum. Instead of extracting the sinigrin try to restructure the sinigrin so that it is no longer is sinigrin. Zirconium, an inorganic solvent, can be reacted with sinigrin to break the ring bond. This reaction will hopefully turn into an aldehyde, CH=O. This new compound should absorb at different wavelengths than the original compound, and will
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Warner 2 hopefully be in the UV/visible spectrum. Then running the new compound at different
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Undergrad Research Sinigrin - Stephanie Warner CHM 161 Dr...

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