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Overview of Material for Exam 1 – PHS 188 Note: Any material/discussion presented in class, in the textbook, put on blackboard and/or put on the syllabus may be on exams . This overview does not contain all information that will appear on the exam and is meant only as a brief overview of the major concepts discussed in the book and in class. History of Fitness (Quest for Fitness) Video and questions CHAPTER 1 OBJECTIVES Define wellness and list its dimensions. Define physical fitness and list health-related and skill-related components. State the differences between physical fitness and wellness. Distinguish between health fitness standards and physical fitness standards. Identify the major health problems in the United States
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Unformatted text preview: • Understand the benefits and the significance of participating in a lifetime fitness and wellness program. REVIEW THE GLOSSARY OF TERMS IN CHAPTER 1 CHAPTER 2 OBJECTIVES • Learn the effects of environment on human behavior. • Understand obstacles that hinder our ability to change behavior. • Understand the concepts of motivation and locus of control. • Identify the stages of change. • Become familiar with the processes of change. • Learn techniques that will facilitate the process of change. • Learn the role of goal setting in the process of change. • Describe SMART goal setting • Be able to write specific objectives for behavioral change. REVIEW THE GLOSSARY OF TERMS IN CHAPTER 2...
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