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Extra Credit Paper - Stephanie Warner PYC 242 C Dr David...

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Stephanie Warner PYC 242 C Dr. David Knight 22 October 2007 Is There No Place On Earth For Me? Is There No Place On Earth For Me? by Susan Sheehan, is a book about a girl named Sylvia Frumkin. The book tells of her life and struggles with schizophrenia. Susan Sheehan tells of Miss. Frumkin’s struggles from when she first had symptoms in her teens all the way through adulthood. Sheehan goes into the inner workings of a schizophrenic and brings the reader into the often misunderstood and frightening world of schizophrenia. As the book progresses the reader sees how mental illness can affect and sometimes tear apart a family. The book starts off when Sylvia is in her mid-thirties, when Sheehan first meets her. We met Sylvia at one of her lows. She is speaking in “word salad”, and talking about how she dated Paul McCartney. As the book continues we follow Sylvia as she is placed in hospitals and then removed from hospitals and institutions over and over again. We see how the doctors never look at her records; she is often misdiagnosed and even given medicines that pervious doctors found not to be effective on her. Sheehan takes the readers back into Sylvia’s childhood, and the reader can see how the illness was triggered. From her neglectful parents to the pressures at school, Sylvia could not handle the pressure and signs of schizophrenia emerged. As the book comes to a close we see that Sylvia is again back at Creedmoor, and the reader knows she will have to deal with this up and down pattern the rest of her life.
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Warner 2 This book was hard for me to read at first. I often became confused in the “word salad” of Sylvia’s monologues. I had a hard time keeping the chronology of Sylvia’s life together because Sheehan started the book when she first met Sylvia and then often jumped around to different periods of Sylvia’s life. As I got more into the book, Sylvia’s life and her personality became more and more fascinating to me. I would start reading
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Extra Credit Paper - Stephanie Warner PYC 242 C Dr David...

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