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Anabolic Steriod Use - Stephanie Warner ZOO 161 LAB AB...

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Stephanie Warner ZOO 161 LAB AB Shweta Nayar October 10, 2006 Anabolic Steroid Use Anabolic Steroid use has many health effects. When taken in large amounts they push the body to build muscle and increase human strength dramatically. This happens but stimulating protein formation in muscle cells and by reducing the amount of rest needed between workouts. Anabolic steroids have more than 70 possible unwanted side effects that can range from severe acne to liver cancer. Some risks include injuries from increased muscle strength without an increase in the strength of tendons and ligaments. These injuries take a long time to heal. The most serious side affect of steroid use is how the liver, cardiovascular system and reproductive system is affected. Steroids can cause heart attacks and strokes that may not show up for many years after use. The testicles of male steroid users often become smaller which can lead to males becoming sterile and impotent. This happens because the steroids inhibit the natural testosterone production.
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