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Stephanie Warner Zoo 161AB Lab Shweta Nayar September 12, 2006 Asbestos: The Deadly Miracle Material Asbestos is a material that contains silica. It is very fibrous, durable, and is used as an insulator for different types of pipes. Asbestos is also very heat resistant so it has been spayed on the walls of many different buildings and schools to make the walls more fire resistant. The properties that make asbestos an ideal construction material also make it very hazardous to our health. Asbestos has small, light particles that float around when released into the air. If this air is breathed these particles can become dislodged into our lungs. This causes a problem because it can lead to asbestosis. Asbestosis takes 20 or more years to develop. Cells in the respiratory system responsible for cleaning the passages engulf these small particles of asbestos. Lysosomes inside the cells combine with the vacuoles that have asbestos particles in them. The Lysosomes cannot break down the asbestos particles and this causes a large amount of enzymes to be released, and
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