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Stephanie Warner REL 175 Critical Reading #8 Apocrypha Read Tobit (in your bible or download the attached document) The book of Tobit is an example of early Jewish literature, likely written in 3rd century BCE. As the historicity of the events in the book is anachrononistic, scholars have noted that the book was likely intended as a metaphorical narrative for surviving and maintaining Jewish identity in the Diaspora. Read the text and note where you see this. Hint: Look for information concerning family life, travel, burials, marriage customs, food and eating, gender roles, and medicine, etc. Write 2-3 paragraphs describing what you find. First we find out a lot about what being a good Jew in the Diaspora consisted of. Chapter 1 verses 3-8 tell about the different traditions Tobias would do. He would perform “many acts of charity for [his] kindred and [his] people who had gone with [him] in exile to Nineveh in the land of the Assyrians” (Tobit 1:3). Even though all of his kindred were sacrificing to a calf that was erected
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