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Stephanie Warner REL 175: “Introduction to the Critical Study of Biblical Literature” Critical Reading Assignment #9 “Apocalyptic Expectations” in Second Temple Judaism and Earliest Christianity Based on the selections from the Dead Sea Scrolls… 1) What did the Essenes hope to accomplish by forming their community and moving out near the Dead Sea? What specific selections support your answer? They thought that by forming their community and moving out near the Dead Sea they would be better prepared for the coming of the messiah and the end of the world, because they would be away from the unjustness of the world. 2) What texts from the list of selections tell us when in the course of history the Essenes believed they were living? What terms can the Essenes use to refer to this period in which they are living? They were in the Community Rule. They believed that they were living at the end of times. 3)
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