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Stephanie Warner Critical Reading in Class Assignment #11 The selections of the Pseudo-Clementine Homily show many allusions to Paul’s encounter with Peter at Antioch. The first one is when they say “as now he has sent ‘Simon’ against us, preaching under the pretext of the truth…” This alludes to Gal 2:11- 16 because Paul preaches that all you need is faith in Christ and you cannot get to heaven by works alone, but the Pseudo-Clementine is saying that what Paul is preaching is false and he is “sowing error”. Another point where it alludes to Gal. is when Peter says “like an evil flash of lightning”. This an allusion to Paul’s Damascus road experience. They are
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Unformatted text preview: talking about when Paul saw a vision of Jesus and Peter is saying that Paul has only seen a deamon and can’t really be certain if it was really Christ. “For you have ‘opposed’ me , the firm Rock, foundation of the church. If you were not an enemy, you would not slander me and disparage what is preached by me, as if I were obviously ‘condemned,’ you are accusing God who reavealed Christ to me, and are opposing the one who bledded me because of the revelation.” This is a big allusion to Gal. It has words that came directly from Gal 2:11-16, and were originally used by Paul in the Gal. passage....
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