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CritRdg12 - Stephanie Warner RELIGION 175 Introduction to...

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Stephanie Warner RELIGION 175: Introduction to the Critical Study Of Biblical Literature Critical Reading Questions #12 Critical Reading Text: The Acts of Paul and Thecla Instructions: Read the text, the Acts of Paul and Thecla (under the “Readings” link on Blackboard), and answer the following questions. (1) What is the content of the gospel Paul preaches to the people in Iconium? Paul preaches to the people of Iconium what he believes is the word of God. He says it is ok to not marry and that it is best to not marry and other things that go against the social norm. He preaches to be humble and that the less will be first and the first shall be last. (2) What is the social impact on the city of Iconium of Paul’s preaching? The social impact on the city of Iconium from Paul’s preaching is huge. Women start to become chaste. People start to do things opposite of what they were doing; they are going against the social norm. The people who don’t follow Paul’s teachings become really confused and start to say Paul is a hypocrite. Paul’s teachings have “corrupted” the city
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