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Stephanie Warner REL 175: Introduction to the Critical Study of Biblical Literature Critical Reading Exercise #14 The Gospel of Thomas 1) Read the Gospel of Thomas, posted on Blackboard under “Readings.” 2) According to the Gospel of Thomas, how is one “saved”? What verses support your answer? According to the Gospel of Thomas one is saved when they become like children and make the end the beginning and then they can enter heaven. It says this in verse 22. Verse 44 says that if you blaspheme against the Holy Spirit you will never be forgiven, so this is implying that you won’t go to heave, which also is implying that you have to be forgiven to be “saved”. 3) What kind of picture of Jesus do you get from this gospel, in other words, what seems to be the most important things about Jesus from the perspective of this gospel?
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Unformatted text preview: The most important things about Jesus from this perspective of this gospel are that Jesus uses parables and often contradicting statements. They are confusing, but he is concerned with mankind. Some of his statements are similar to statements Jesus said in the other gospels like verse 33 where he talks about how you wouldn’t hide your light under a bushel you would put it up on a stand for everyone to see. This is something you would find in other gospels. But verse 41 isn’t like anything that the other gospels would have Jesus say. Jesus of the other gospels had a major theme of the first shall be last and the last shall be first. In verse 41 he is not saying this. So Jesus of this gospel isn’t as concerned on the first shall be last the last shall be first theme. Jesus seems harsher and not as kind....
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