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Stephanie Warner PSYCH 242 C Dr. Knight October 4, 2007 Discussion Question #4 In what ways does a medical approach seem to sever the needs of people with mental illness and in what ways does it fail to serve their needs or serve the needs of the medical profession or caretakers? Think about this in terms of diagnosis, treatment, providing a good working understanding of the disorder, and the personal experience of the client. Although I think the medical approach can be very effective in treating or “serving” the needs of a patient with a mental illness, I also think that the medical approach can also be not so effective. The medical approach is good because it puts a nice label on the illness. This makes it a little bit easier for the patient to understand what is wrong with them. It helps the patient have a working understanding of their illness, and
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Unformatted text preview: it helps the medical professional be able to determine what the best treatments would be for the patient. The label helps to diagnose the patients illness and then tell the caretakers what the next steps might be. There are problems with the medical approach though. Many times patients will be diagnosed with a certain disease and then put on some sort of drug to help cure the symptoms, but the side effects end up being worse than the disease itself. Sometimes the drugs dont work because the patient was diagnosed wrongly or the drug they were prescribed doesnt work with their body, so then they go through a long process of trying to find a drug that will work. Also sometimes the drugs do end up working but because the patient has been living with their disease for so long, they end up missing certain aspects of their illness....
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