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Stephanie Warner PSY 242C Dr. David Knight September 16, 2007 Discussion Question There are many ways that we are still mistreating and misunderstanding the mentally ill. Now that we have so many different drugs to cure some of the symptoms of mentally ill, doctors take advantage of this. They will just prescribe different drugs to a patient and if that does not work they will just prescribe an even higher dose. This will continue to go on until the doctor gets fed up with that drug. At that point he will try something else. Is this really any better than locking patients up in padded rooms and straight jackets? In my opinion this is almost worse. Many doctors think that drugging up the patient is the only way the patient will get better, when really there are other options. Also there is the fact that we still do not know of any cures to mental illnesses. Therefore
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Unformatted text preview: doctors are just prescribing things hoping it will work. ETC is another way that I think we are still misunderstanding and mistreating patients. ETC is used on some patients when nothing else works. ETC tends to work and have a positive outcome, but is it really right to put someone into seizures not knowing why and how exactly the seizures are going to help the person? I think in the future people will look back and think that we mistreated and misunderstood the mentally ill. Hopefully this will happen because in the future doctors and psychologist will have come up with cures for all of the different mental illnesses, and these cures will be by safe means. Also in the future we will understand more about mental illnesses than we do now....
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