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Stephanie Warner PSY 242 C Dr. Dave Knight 13 November 2007 Discussion Question #8 Think about yourself when you were 8 or 10. Or think about a niece of nephew or other 8 to 10 year old. How can you tell if their distress is serious and requires help? Do you tend to tell yourself that it is a phase or something all kids go through? What are the special problems of diagnosis when it comes to children? A child that is 8 to 10 years old, it is hard to tell if the distress is serious or just a phase. The only way to tell is if this distress lasts for a long time and is severely affecting their everyday lives. I would probably tend to think that the distress of the 8 to 10 year old was just a phase that every child goes through. I would probably think this just because I would not want to come to terms with the fact that there might be something wrong with my child, niece, or nephew. I would finally realize that there was something wrong if the child continued to show these signs of distress for an extended period of
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