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CH375 Introduction to Biology 2007-2 Cadet _____________________________ 30 point quiz No. 1 I hour Match the following with the best choice on the right (3 points each). 1 . Prokaryote C A. A weak bond between an atom with a high electronegativity and a similarly charged neighboring atom 2 . Hydrogen bond E B. Mixture of a weak acid and its conjugate base which resists a change in pH upon the addition of acid or base 3 . Buffer B C. Generally small cells with DNA in a nucleiod region and not surrounded by a nuclear membrane 4 . Homeostasis D D. The process by which organisms maintain some aspect of their life within a constant range such as temperature or solute concentrations 5 . ATP F E. A weak bond between an atom with a high electronegativity and an nearby hydrogen atom F. A high energy phosphate containing molecule used by all known life forms to harvest energy from catabolic pathways and provide energy to anabolic pathways G. Cells whose DNA is surrounded by a double membrane with pores allowing exchange with the cytosol
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This test prep was uploaded on 04/15/2008 for the course CH 375 taught by Professor Eslinger during the Fall '08 term at West Point.

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