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AS Q04 H hour - b properly align the tRNA to the mRNA c...

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CH357 Introduction to Microbiology Cadet ________________________ Quiz 4 30 points H hour Academic term 2008-1 (6) 1. Where and when do the three initiation factors bind to initiate translation? The factors bind to the small subunit to start transcription. (6) 2. In one sentence describe what is meant by horizontal gene transfer. Genes can be transferred between organisms by means other than reproduction. (4) 3. Which of the following are required for termination of protein synthesis? a. a release factor b. stop codon c. release of the peptide chain d. all of the above (4) 4. The purpose of the promoter sequence is to a. initiate thermo-nuclear war.
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Unformatted text preview: b. properly align the tRNA to the mRNA. c. properly align the mRNA to the ribosome. d. properly align the RNA polymerase to the DNA. (9) 5. Correct the following sentence. During RNA synthesis, a separate RNA helicase opens the DNA strand which allows RNA polymerase to start adding DNA nucleotides and copy the entire DNA template. During RNA synthesis, RNA polymerase opens the DNA strand which allows RNA polymerase to start adding RNA nucleotides and copy a short segment of the DNA template. Extra credit (3 points) What is the dilution factor when 1 mL is added to 999 mL? 1000...
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