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AS Quiz 03 CH375 2007-2

AS Quiz 03 CH375 2007-2 - b endoplasmic reticulum c...

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CH375 Introduction to Biology 2007-2 Cadet _____________________________ 30 point quiz No. 3 I hour Match the following with the best choice on the right (3 points each). 1 . Golgi apparatus G A. Site of protein synthesis 2 . Ribosome A B. The movement of water, solutes or particles into the cell in a vesicle 3 . Chloroplast D C. Organelle used to release excess water from a cell 4 . Endocytosis B D. Organelle where photosynthesis occurs 5 . Contractile vacuole C E. The movement of solutes or particles out of the cell F. The time period before the Bears give Coach Smith the raise he so richly deserves G. Organelle when proteins to be released from the cell are packaged for export H. Organelle when proteins to be released from the cell are initially modified for release 6. (5 pts) The organelle found in eukaryotes that can have ribosomes attached to it and is the site where proteins that are targeted for excretion from the cell are modified is the _____. a. Golgi apparatus
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Unformatted text preview: b. endoplasmic reticulum c. lysosome d. nucleus 7. (5 pts) Which of the following is a feature of eukaryotic cells but not prokaryotic cells? a. The presence of a plasma membrane. b. A membrane enclosed nucleus. c. The presence of ribosomes. d. The presence of DNA. 8. (5 pts) Prokaryotic cells are generally far smaller than eukaryotic cells. The currently accepted explanation for this is because a. eukaryotic cells require more volume to maintain their organelles. b. prokaryotic cells only use diffusion to move material inside the cell whereas eukaryotes have evolved other, faster mechanisms. c. eukaryotic cells have stronger plasma membranes. d. prokaryotic cells must be small to be intracellular parasites. Extra credit (3 pts) What is a difference between the membrane surrounding the nucleus and the membranes around other organelles. Double membrane with specialize pores...
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