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AS Q01 I hr - d All of the above(4 4 A bacterial growth...

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357 Introduction to Microbiology Cadet ________________________ Quiz 1 30 points I hour APPROVED SOLUTION Academic term 2008-1 (4) 1. All prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells may share the following characteristic(s): a. presence of a cell wall. b. presence of a cell membrane. c. presence of a nucleus. d. all of the above (4) 2. Which of the following is NOT one of Koch’s postulates? a. A pathogen is found in a sick organism, but not a healthy one. b. The pathogen can be grow in pure culture. c. The organism can be used to infect a healthy organism and it does not get sick. d. The pathogen can be reisolated from the newly infected organism. (4) 3. Aseptic techniques allow a. culture media to be handled without accidental contamination b. pure (axenic) cultures can be maintained and transferred without accidental contamination c. laboratory personnel can be maintained without illness
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Unformatted text preview: d. All of the above (4) 4. A bacterial growth medium containing extracts from animals can fit following description: a. The exact composition of all the ingredients is known. b. The exact composition of some of the ingredient may be known. c. What? Animal extracts? Gross. (4) 5. How many grams of NaCl (58.44 g/mole) must be added to 0.100 L to obtain a 1.00 mM solution? 0.100 L 1.00 mmol 0.05844 g = 0.005844 g L mmol (4) 6. What is the name of the compound you were assigned for the enrichment experiment? Extra credit (3 points) Draw the structure. (6) 7. Explain how a pure culture is obtained by the use of streak plates. A loopful of a sample containing bacteria is place on an agar plate. Utilizing a sterile loop, the bacteria are physically separated such that individual bacteria can grow to form non-overlapping colonies....
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