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QUIZ9CD_ANS_07 - acidosis a high protein diet b high fat...

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APPROVED SOLUTION Name _________________________ CH387 Human Physiology 19 April 2007 Quiz #9, E Hour – (30 points) MATCHING: (2 points each) 1. __J____ aldosterone 2. __H____ parathyroid hormone 3. __L___ respiratory alkalosis 4. __C____ calcitonin 5. __F____ gall bladder 6. __K____ small intestines A. Enzyme that facilitates carbohydrate digestion in the mouth and small intestines B. hormone that regulates water reabsorption in the nephron C. hormone that increases calcification of bone D. lipoprotein particles formed during the process of lipid absorption E. produces HCl and pepsin F. stores and secretes bile G. produces and secretes mucus H. hormone that increases renal reabsorption of calcium I. enzyme that converts triglycerides to fatty acids J. hormone that regulates reabsorption of sodium K. primary GI site of digestion and absorption L. condition caused by hyperventilation MULTIPLE CHOICE (3 points each) 7. Which of the following is NOT a metabolic disturbance that can result in a metabolic
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Unformatted text preview: acidosis? a. high protein diet b. high fat diet c. heavy exercise d. excessive vomiting e. severe diarrhea 8. The most rapid defense against changes in blood pH involves ____________. a. respiratory compensation b. buffering of hydrogen ions c. renal compensation d. cardiac compensation 9. Which of the following is NOT a basic process of the gastrointestinal system? a. digestion b. filtration c. absorption d. secretion e. motility 14. Which of the following secretes lipase? a. salivary glands b. liver c. pancreas d. all of the above 15. Most physiological effects suffered by astronauts are a direct result of ________. a. microgravity b. cosmic radiation c. dehydration d. abnormal diet 16. Following return to Earth from extended space travel, which physiological effect takes the longest to return to normal? a. fluid shift b. muscular atrophy c. sleep disturbances d. bone loss...
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