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APPROVED SOLUTION Name _________________________ CH387 Human Physiology 12 January 2007 Quiz #1E (30 points) MATCHING: 2 points each 1. __L____ tissue 2. __C____ osmosis 3. __B____ exocrine gland 4. __F____ simple diffusion 5. __M____ hypertonic 6. __H____ pinocytosis 7. __G____ set point 8. __I____ integrating center 9. __A____ effector 10. __J____ homeostasis A. cells, tissues, or organs that respond to the output signals of the integrating center and bring about a final response B. secrete a product into a duct leading to the external environment C. the passive movement of water across a membrane down its concentration gradient D. liquid in the blood made up of water and dissolved solutes E. a structure composed of membrane proteins that forms small channels between adjacent cells F. the passive transport of molecules through a biological membrane G. the normal or desired value of a regulated variable H. a process by which a cell takes up fluid and dissolved molecules via endocytotic vesicles I. a group of cells that use sensory information to determine a response and
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