q8 - codon a silent mutation b frameshift mutation c...

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APPROVED SOLUTION CH388 AY08-01 Cadet __________________ Quiz #8 (Lesson 20-22) Section ______ You have ten minutes to complete this quiz. No references are authorized. Use pencil only. 1. (20 pts) Match the following regulatory term with its correct definition. e___ activator a. binds to activator protein and inhibits from binding to DNA a___ inhibitor b. protein that binds to the DNA and inhibits transcription b___ repressor c. protein that binds to repressor and causes it to bind to the DNA d___ inducer d. effector molecule that increases transcription c___ corepressor e. protein that increases transcription 2. (4 pts) Indicate whether the lac operon would be under positive (+) or negative (-) control during the following conditions: (+)___ presence of allolactose (-) ___ presence of glucose 3. (4 pts) Which of the following types of mutations changes a normal codon to a stop
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Unformatted text preview: codon? a. silent mutation b. frameshift mutation c. nonsense mutation d. missense mutation 4. (4 pts) A ________ mutation returns a variant to the wild type condition. a. forward b. reverse c. lateral d. vertical 5. (4 pts) What is the main target during posttranslational modification? Functional proteins 6. (4 pts) _________________ is where the final product in a metabolic pathway influences an earlier enzyme in the pathway? Feedback inhibition APPROVED SOLUTION 7. (5 pts) What is the meaning of allosteric enzyme? An allosteric enzyme is an enzyme with two different binding sites, one catalytic and one regulatory. 8. (5 pts) What is the first step in the RNAi pathway (mechanism)? What molecule facilitates this action? The initial step is to cleave dsRNA. This is possible by the endonuclease activity of the Dicer....
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q8 - codon a silent mutation b frameshift mutation c...

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