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Name _________________________ CH387 Human Physiology 26 February 2007 Quiz #5 C/D Hours – (30 points) MATCHING: (2 points each) 1. ___N__ sarcoplasmic reticulum 2. ___C___ SA node 3. ___K___ tropomyosin 4. ___I___ calmodulin 5. ___A___ myocardium 6. ___N___ summation A. The middle layer of cardiac muscle B. Pacemaker cells in the heart that normally determines the heart rate C. A decline in muscle tension in the face of long-term, repetitive stimulation D. Oxygen binding protein E. The major component of thin filaments F. The major component of thick filaments G. A regulatory protein in skeletal muscle cells that binds calcium and initiates the cross-bridge cycle H. A skeletal muscle being stimulated by high concentrations of epinephrine I. Calcium binding protein found in smooth muscle cells J. Propagate action potentials into the muscle cell’s interior and triggering release of Ca 2+ K. Fibrous protein that covers the myosin binding sites on actin L. Plasma membrane of a muscle fiber
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