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APPROVED SOLUTION Name _________________________ CH387 Human Physiology 23 January 2007 Quiz #2 – C/D Hours (30 points) MATCHING: (2 points each) 1. ___E___ pineal gland 2. ___N___ tropic hormone 3. ___C___ agonist 4. ___G___ autocrine 5. ___H___ hormone 6. ___L___ absorptive state 7. ___B___ glucagon 8. ___A___ receptor 9. ___F___ protein kinase A A. Protein that binds to a chemical messenger B. A peptide hormone secreted by alpha cells of the pancreas C. Molecule that binds and activates a receptor to produce the same effect as an endogenous messenger D. A peptide hormone secreted by beta cells of the pancreas E. Primary endocrine gland that secretes melatonin F. An enzyme that is activated by cAMP G. Chemical messenger that acts on the cell that secretes it H. Chemical messenger that acts on a target cell distant from the site of secretion I. Characteristic of a steroid chemical messenger that allows it to pass through the plasma membrane J. Uptake of large macromolecules into a cell K. Period between meals during which stored nutrients are mobilized L.
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