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APPROVED SOLUTION CADET _________________ SECTION/HR ___ TIME OF DEPARTURE ________ DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY & LIFE SCIENCE CH388 GENETICS, AY 08-01 TEXT: Brooker, Genetics: Analysis & Written Partial Review II (Lesson 19) Principles, 2 nd Edition 11 October 2007 (J Hour) SCOPE: Lessons 12-18 DO NOT WRITE IN THIS SPACE Part Max Score Cut Points I 64 II 136 Total Score /200 CH388 WPR II AY 08-01 Authorized References TI-30XIIS Calculator Pencil and Eraser INSTRUCTIONS 1. Do not mark on this exam or open it until “begin work” is given. 2. Circle the correct answer or answer all questions in the space provided. Show all work . If additional space is needed, you may write on the back of the pages. 3. There are eight (8) pages to the exam. Count all numbered pages to ensure the exam is complete. Report any illegible or missing pages to your instructor. (TOTAL WEIGHT 200 POINTS)
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APPROVED SOLUTION Part Weight Cadet ________________ I 64 points (4 points per question) 1. One map unit is equal to which of the following? a. 100 nucleotides b. 1% of the centromere c. 1% recombination rate d. 1% mutation rate 2. For 46,XY,t(2;15)(p11.2;q11.2), what is the annotated malfunction? 3. Which of the following mechanisms of gene transfer in bacteria involves the use of a viral intermediate? 4. In which of the following do the bacteria have to be in physical contact for gene transfer to occur? 5. If the likelihood of a single crossover in a particular chromosomal region is 15%, what is the theoretical likelihood of a double crossover in that same region? a. 2% (Use product rule .15 x .15 = .02 = 2%) b. 3% c. 20% d. 30%
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