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AS Instruction quiz 02 - (+1) One initiation factor leaves....

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CH357 Introduction to microbiology Cadet ___________ 15 points 1. Describe initiation of translation. (3) The three initiation factors bind to the small subunit with GTP present. (2) The small subunit combines with the mRNA at the Shine-Delgarno sequence. (2) The first charged tRNA carrying N-formyl methionine binds at the start codon.
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Unformatted text preview: (+1) One initiation factor leaves. (3) The large subunit binds to the complex of small subunit, mRNA, n-formyl methionine tRNA and two initiation factors. (3) GTP is converted to GDP. (2) The initiation factors leaving the two subunits and mRNA bound in the proper reading frame. Changes to above answer after consultation....
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