SI_Questions[1]test1 - Interstate compacts must be approved...

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Which of the following is an exception to the Interstate Compacts? Gambling, Out-of- state Tuition, Same-sex marriage, or Girl Scout Cookie Selling Which election has the least participation? How does gerrymandering exclude voters? What process allows criminals in one state to be taken to another state for trial? T/F: The 19 th Amendment outlawed the Poll Tax. T/F: The original Constitution does not guarantee voting rights. What was the significance McCulloch versus Maryland and its relation to the Constitution? What court case established Judicial Review? What do the 13 th , 14 th , and 15 th Amendments all have in common? Which amendments dealt with voting rights? What did the 19 th Amendment guarantee? What are main characteristics of a moralistic political subculture? Which of the two bodies, Supreme Court Decisions or Administrative Regulations, takes precedence over the other? What governmental actions are typical for traditional political subcultures? Which political subculture is predominant in Texas? Which amendment allocates power to the states? Which state is not bicameral? What are they? T/F: The Constitution affects people more on the National level. Who fills the vacancy in the US Senate?
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SI_Questions[1]test1 - Interstate compacts must be approved...

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