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Baldini 1 Anthony Baldini Fernandez RWS100 8:00 AM 10/18/07 A Blind Analysis of Rhetoric Rhetorical strategies are the fundamental basis behind every author’s piece of work, an avalanche of tools that construct the bulk behind the meaning or argument desired. Thus, to fully analyze any work, it is more often than not a necessity to explore which strategies are employed by the author and how they progress the overall flow of the paper as a whole. In this essay, I will investigate the rhetorical strategies used by two authors, Lila Abu-Lughod and Oliver Sacks, in their works pertaining to the capabilities of select groups of either challenged or oppressed human beings. Ultimately, through the primary usage of personal experiences as well as careful selection of syntax all in an attempt to ignite emotional reader responses, Abu-Lughod and Sacks affect their reader’s hearts and minds to gain sympathy for each of their respectful subjects. In a passage titled “Honor and Shame” from her 1993 non-fictional book Writing Women’s Worlds: Bedouin Stories , author Lila Abu-Lughod integrates simultaneously the story of her sister, an engaged Egyptian woman named Kamla, and a self-explanatory auto-biography essay the woman wrote titled “An Essay on the Young Bedouin Woman of Egypt and the Changes in Her Life over 40 Years.” With the essay’s main sections leading the way for storytelling, Abu-Lughod’s work covers various aspects of a Bedouin woman’s life that are the most fundamental characteristics of her culture, including education, arranged marriage, love, public expression, racial prejudice, and overall piety.
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Baldini 2 Combining these characteristics, along with a prolonged battle Kamla endures to be able to receive an education, she pieces together a somewhat paradoxical argument that the Bedouin woman can still achieve what she wants in a female-demoralizing society, but can only do so while concurrently satisfying the cultural expectations of men. To obtain an education is practically a right in the United States.
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SDSU Fernandez Essay 2 - Baldini 1 Anthony Baldini...

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