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SDSU Cavender RWS 200 MLK Essay - Baldini 1 Anthony Baldini...

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Anthony Baldini Cavender RWS 200 Sec. A1 2/14/2008 Aggressive For Peace: “A Letter from Birmingham Jail” Basic human and civil rights are concepts which the United States of America was founded on. Escaping oppression from corrupt leadership, America’s founding fathers were men who would not tolerate anything less than equal opportunity for all. It is no wonder, accordingly, that an American citizen not being treated equal will speak up, especially when hypocritically being harassed by his very own government. Such is the case with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (1929-1968), an African-American civil rights leader, clergyman, Nobel Peace Prize winner, and author of “A Letter from Birmingham Jail,” (1963) appropriately titled after the temporary living situation he endured after being arrested for “participation in a demonstration for civil rights” (17). King’s letter cries out for social fairness through the means of peaceful protest, a public display he justifies and promotes whole-heartedly. So whole-heatedly, in fact, are his efforts, that he repeatedly uses angry, emotionally charged comments aimed at his oppressors. Thus, it is through the utilization of emotionally-driven rhetorical devices including sarcasm, rhetorical questioning, and repetition that King explains why African-Americans will continue the necessary act of peaceful protest until they reach their goal of freedom in Birmingham and all over the nation. The image of white clergymen in the early 1960’s draws to the mind images of old white men sitting mighty and proud, virtually untouchable by peers not in the government. In contrast,
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SDSU Cavender RWS 200 MLK Essay - Baldini 1 Anthony Baldini...

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