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Midterm Exam Study Guide Midterm Examination Study Guide Know everything about the following and you'll ace the midterm. You'll need a red, ParSCORE “scantron” form, F289 plus #2 pencils. Questions will be multiple choice and T/F. 1. SMCR model--"noise," too! 2. Roles and responsibilities of the media, especially the news media. 3. Commission on Freedom of the Press. 4. Theories concerning the effects of mass media messages. 5. Mass media/news media theories. 6. News values/elements. 7. Uses and gratifications of mass media consumers. 8. Types of newsgathering situations. 9. Good news/bad news issues. 10. Newspaper statistics--morning vs. afternoon, etc. 11. Newspaper organization/structure. 12. Responsibilities of various newspaper editors. 13. Classifications of reporters. 14. Types of "beats." 15. Characteristics of reporters.
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Unformatted text preview: 16. Reporter salaries. 17. Responsibilities of newspaper business manager. 18. Types of newspaper stories/content. 19. Group ownership. 20. Advertising space vs. "newshole." 21. Classifications/types of magazines. 22. Newsmagazines. 23. Group journalism. 24. Magazine statistics. 25. Newspapers vs. magazines. 26. Responsibilities of magazine staffers. 27. Role of freelancers. 28. Top money-making magazines. 29. Circulation figures for magazines. 30. Online journalism-Chris Jennewein. 31. Book publishing video. 32. Chapters 1-7 in text--special emphasis on chapters 4 and 7. PLUS anything else we might have covered in class. NO CURRENT TOPICS! Sample Q: What is the average weekly salary for a "veteran" magazine staff writer/reporter? (A)$2,000 (B)$1,500 (C)$1,000 (D)$750...
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