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SDSU jms 200 final study guide

SDSU jms 200 final study guide - The final examination will...

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The final examination will consist of 40 objective questions. If you know something about all of the following, you'll do well on the final. You’ll need a red ParSCORE scantron—F289—and #2 pencils. 1. Aspects/methods of ratings in radio-TV. 2. Number of radio-TV stations in the United States. 4. Types of radio stations. 5. Advantages/disadvantages of radio news. 6. Departments in radio-TV stations. 7. Programming sources for radio-TV stations. 8. Types of TV stations. 9. Advantages/disadvantages of TV news. 10. Jobs in radio-TV. 11. TV newscast formats. 12. Features of radio-TV regulation. 13. Elements of recording industry.* 14. Publishing rights organizations in recording industry.* 15. Recording Industry Association of America Awards.* 16. Public relations—definition, elements, jobs, roles 17. Scale of human needs used in advertising/PR.* 18. Definition of advertising plus how advertising gets produced.
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