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Final Review (Chs. 8-10, 12-16) Multiple Choice Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. ____ 1. A repeatable, goal-oriented action sequence enacted in a given context is best termed a. a skill. b. composure. c. assertiveness. d. coordination. ____ 2. The abstraction dimension of skills divides skills into which two categories? a. concrete-level and abstract-level b. easy and difficult c. specific-level and general-level d. personal-level and impersonal-level ____ 3. Which of the following lists represents the four general skills that are useful in all interpersonal contexts? a. topic initiation, assertiveness, empathic assertion, time management b. coordination, composure, attentiveness, expressiveness c. assertiveness, empathy, sympathy, perspective taking d. competence, coordination, composure, clarification ____ 4. Latoya was struggling for the right word to describe her professor's behavior to Judie. Judie jumped in and said "arrogant" and Latoya smiled, nodded, and finished what she was saying. The type of interruption that Judie used is best described as a. deep interruption. b. narcissistic interruption. c. talkover. d. backchannel. ____ 5. One of the world's foremost scholars of conversation claims that any pause of ____ second(s) or more, is likely to represent some kind of problem in the conversation. a. one-half b. one c. three d. five ____ 6. Assertiveness, aggressive communication, and passive communication are examples of a. composure. b. expressiveness. c. attentiveness. d. coordination. ____ 7. You are engaging in aggressive communication. As a result, you a. permit yourself to be victimized by others. b. attempt to grant legitimacy to others while simultaneously expressing your own views. c. seek to be dominated by others. d. none of the above. ____ 8. Stephen is interested in letting Sally determine where the topic goes in their discussion of science fiction novels. Therefore, what type of questions should he ask her? a. interrogatory b. open-ended c. closed-ended d. flexible
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____ 9. Michael loves to talk about himself. He interrupts others continually, attempts to direct the conversation, has frequent speaking turns, and overly self-discloses. Michael's communication behavior would most likely be described as a. ingratiating communication. b. conversational irrelevance. c. narrow dimension of expressiveness. d. conversational narcissism. ____ 10. Alex is listening to his boss drone on about the new project at work while they are at a party. He decides to let the boss know that talking at length about this project is boring and impolite. So Alex starts to frown, fidget, and move farther away from the boss. Alex's behavior is an example of a. compensation. b.
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Final_Review - Final Review(Chs 8-10 12-16 Multiple Choice...

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