English R1B - The Music of the Vietnam War

English R1B - The Music of the Vietnam War - Freddy Yip...

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Freddy Yip English R1B : Section 3 Marguerite Nguyen May 9 , 2007 The Music of the Vietnam War The Vietnam War is one of the most publicized wars by the media in the United States’ history. During the time, the information written in newspapers and recorded on television stations had direct influence on the actions of American citizens and got other forms of the mass media to follow, commonly seen through protests and antiwar demonstrations. A major component that contains relevance with the anti-Vietnam movements is the influence of music. Many Americans have similar emotions and negative portrayals of the War because of the lyrics of popular musicians such as Jimi Hendrix, Credence Clearwater Revival, James Brown, among many others. Not too surprisingly, even many years after the “Conflict,” the very popularized Vietnam War soundtrack of the 60’s and 70’s is being exposed to the newer and younger generation of Americans, providing the same anti-war messages, motifs, and themes. The music of the time period has a direct correlation with the themes discussed in the class about the Asiatic and Orientalism, along with relating the various authors and their work on the topic of the Vietnam War, such as Michael Herr’s Dispatches . Though music had a significant impact, the fact that many people, especially students, obtain their knowledge not through scholarly sources but in the form of music and the media diminishes the work done by those who were greatly involved during the War. Yip 1
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Outside what is taught in history classrooms about important statistics and key turning points during the Vietnam War, much of the information that students discover is only very commonly presented from the mass media, especially in the form of music. The result of the younger generation of Americans receiving such history lessons about the lifestyle and the events of the War through musicians shows how easily people can be influenced and consume information. Consumption and cultural influence are major ideas brought up during the course this semester in various forms including movies. As seen through specific scenes in the film, Blade Runner , much of the futuristic view of the city of Los Angeles in the year 2019 is mixed with Eastern culture and influence. A clear example is the very first view of the cityscape with its enormous buildings that have billboards and advertisements of Asian women with various consumer products, along with the Asian characters blended with the bright neon lights draws almost immediate focus towards the Eastern images. The aesthetic environment is heavily influenced by Asian culture , particularly the unique Japanese culture with corresponding Japanese music and sounds playing in the enormous monitored billboards . The sky view camera shots of the colorful buildings with consumer ads and bright , flashing neon lights similarly mimics that of a large city , such as Hong Kong or Tokyo for instance. Much like how
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English R1B - The Music of the Vietnam War - Freddy Yip...

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