English R1B - Blade Runner's Orientalism

English R1B - Blade Runner's Orientalism - Fred Yip English...

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Fred Yip English R1B : Section 3 Marguerite Nguyen April 5 , 2007 Blade Runner’s Orientalism In Edward W . Said’s article, he describes and critiques the idea of Orientalism . Said describes the term as a collection of false arguments that underlie Western attitudes towards the East and its culture . Such arguments as written by Said include the long belief of preset exotic and romanticized images of Asian countries through the eyes of Western culture , referring to the aged traditions and ideologies of the people . The use of specific Western figures and their viewpoints like Arthur James Balfour , Napoleon, Chaucer, Shakespeare, Henry Kissinger, and Dante all serve to portray the East as being inferior to the West and classifying the people in a group of unknowns that is separate from other individuals . The widely known Ridley Scott film , “Blade Runner,” has portrayals of Asians working lower class jobs in a ramshackle Chinatown , speaking their lines in broken English as compared to the articulate and well-spoken characters of Deckard, Rachel , and the other Replicants, reinforcing Said’s argument . Said believes the world functions with “two unequal halves , Orient and Occident ,” (2-3) both being the result of interaction between different cultures. For Said , the Orient could not possibly exist without the people of the Occident and it can Yip 1
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be said vice versa as well . The knowledge that one culture has of another , in various areas like social views , aesthetics, and economics, causes one culture to make preconceived stereotypes of the other . These stereotypes are visually shown through “Blade Runner” through its characters . The first encounter with the main protagonist
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English R1B - Blade Runner's Orientalism - Fred Yip English...

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