AS 10 - Final Exam - In the realm of Bollywood cinemas,...

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In the realm of Bollywood cinemas, there exists creative and expressive culture within the films. However, more recent Bollywood films have had to adjust their creativity to adapt to the changing tastes of their audiences. Furthermore, these films are also adapting Western techniques and tools in attempt to branch out of traditional styles. Similarly, as another type of expressive culture, Korean music has undergone a change to meet the demands of a new society that incorporates a great deal of public interests and political institutions. Both Bollywood movies and Korean music display new ways of cultural adaptation through presenting social issues, exploring political influences, and deciding whether or not rising technologies have an affect in their own media forms in order to maintain audience appeal. Both critics and fans alike, as either popular or artistic movies, categorize most Bollywood films in terms of realism or audience appeal. The differences between the two can be seen by the themes, style, and technique. For example, in more recent artistic
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AS 10 - Final Exam - In the realm of Bollywood cinemas,...

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