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English R1B - Human or Replicant

English R1B - Human or Replicant - Fred Yip English R1B...

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Fred Yip English R1B: Section 3 Marguerite Nguyen March 8, 2007 Human or Replicant? My past history and memories are uniquely different than anyone else’s strongly because of where I grew up and the lifestyle that I lived. I didn’t grow up in a large city that people instantly recognize like Los Angeles or San Francisco. My hometown is Petersburg, an island that is nestled in the heart of southeast Alaska. Since having a conversation with an Alaskan seems to be a rarity nowadays, some people bring up incorrect assumptions about the hobbies and the lifestyle up north, and in the case of proving that I am indeed a human and not a replicant, I feel that re-accounts of my close friends, family, and home will clearly demonstrate the impact and knowledge I have of my own identity. In complete honesty, I believe I wouldn’t even have an identity without the years of friendship I had with my friends. The size and population of Petersburg is that of some high schools in California, so when I say that I know everyone in my hometown I literally mean it! I spent my preschool years playing on the playgrounds with the same group of people that accepted their high school diplomas on the same day as I did. I still remember Bridey Short pushing me on the swing set and me trying to pump my legs as hard as I could in order to fly higher than Stuart Meeks, who always teamed up with Brenna McMahon because of their secret crush that they both didn’t hide very well. I often reminisce about the spring when Nathan Holtzinger, one of my very best friends since kindergarten, told me that his father finally past away after several months Yip 1
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of battling cancer. Nathan had even gone to school that day and didn’t tell anyone, acting just like another normal day of the week. At that point, we were still young and had not yet experienced a major event like that, so a few years later when our classmate, Jessica Peterson, past away from a fatal car accident, it made me realize that my friends
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English R1B - Human or Replicant - Fred Yip English R1B...

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