Notes for Final Exam

Notes for Final Exam - McDorman These are notes I put...

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McDorman These are notes I put together for McDorman’s final exam for European history 1789- present. Rise and Fall of the Concert of Europe: 1815- Metternicht calls the Congress of Vienna to court with the goal of maintaining stability on the European continent. They wanted desperately to avoid another French Revolution. Stability will be maintained though the Concert of Europe, which will intervene to quash revolutions and maintain the historical status quo of the monarchies. It is a four-pronged attack led by Austria, Russia, Prussia, and England. France is added a few years later. 1820- Metternicht calls another meeting of the alliance to deal with revolutions in Spain and Italy. He wants to put them down. England is reluctant to go into these countries, and opposes Metternicht’s violent stance. The alliance moves ahead without England, restoring power in these two countries. 1821- Metternicht wants to send troops to S. America to put down the revolutions of Simon Bolivar and Jose San Martin. England puts her foot down. 1827- The greeks stage a revolution against the Ottomans, and the alliance, this time with Britain’s approval, sails to Greece to assist. Russia declares war on Turkish empire, and together they win Greek freedom. They instate a Bourbon king. 1848- Hungarians in Austria have a revolution of their own, and it appears that they have the strength to win their independence. Metternicht is forced to flee the country. Russia, under the alliance, comes to Austria’s aid and puts down the revolution, ensuring the continuation of the Austrian Empire. And this is where things get sticky. 1853- Russia demands the right to protect Christian shrines in Palestine from the Ottomans. France traditionally had this role. Turkey, angry at Russia for its role in the Greek revolution, obviously tells them to go procreate with themselves. Russia declares war on Turkey. The funny thing is, it doesn’t get the help it’s looking for from its alliance.
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This note was uploaded on 04/15/2008 for the course HIST Don't kno taught by Professor Mcdorman during the Fall '07 term at TCU.

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Notes for Final Exam - McDorman These are notes I put...

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