problem set 4 solutions

problem set 4 solutions - Name (Lam. Firefl- Eheehatien...

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Unformatted text preview: Name (Lam. Firefl- Eheehatien {Day-mime] .' Physics 151 Pres-Islam Set #4 - due 43 hears after diseuselen Answer Strtietttt'e [2 [its] 1. [12 [its] Physicists seem te have an unhealthy ehsessien with hteeks and inclined planes when teaehing sheet ferees. This prehtem set will eeiitinne this trend with the situeLie-n shewn helew. Thee mass. M1sntt his, are eenaeeteti by a massiess string which passes ever a massiess frietienless pulley. M] sits en the ramp that makes an angle E with the fleet and M1 is hanging, in the air. Beth masses start at rest. a) PM new we wjti assume there is ne friesien. Draw a free heel}- diagram fer hen] masSes and tien’t ferget an axis I'er heflt diagrams. Assume the string has tensien T and M; has hen-nail fete-e N. (Hint: Beth masses elm-let need the same axis.) "I"? h} Fer M1, write dawn Fm = ma fer bath the x and 3,- diteetien. Use the axis yen cheese ahetre. Tens altswets Ehmtld he in tennis ef M], N, T, E. and 3. false!“ '=-' waseanTs-rs as: fiflifieflife’wsér: 1’1 fir e} Fer M2, write dawn FM. = ma fer heth the a! and 3.- tlireetien. Use the aetis yea eheese ahmre. Yeti: answers shhutd he in terms of Mg, Tr g. and El. Elf}: = C.) FMFflf filly I: :‘flflr ti] What mass sheald hi; equal se that this situatien is in equilibrium? 'I'flllt' answer be in Lea-me g. and El. What happens n3: Ml if M3 is heavier than this? Bees it ge 111:: er dawn the ramp? * 1- I13 pm] This. pmblm 15 idmtical tfl Pmblcm l but nuw then: is frictiun bctwcm 1hr. ramp and M1. Unce again amunw the. masses-L arm-I. aL 535'. and the; mmcimi m" mafia Iricljun hetvmun Ml and flu: ramp is us. Tau shfluld repeat tut thought process 1.6011 did in Pmblam 1. a) What is lhn: minimum mass M: can have 5-3 111.11 M. dues nut slide. dawn the mmp? Show run work and answers shflum be. in tea-n15 :11” Mt, g, 115, and El. £352? fl; hp :6} Mus-n?! 25h rfiéfl'a W” ##1‘9 It . 3‘ gm =~ - Fwwflww‘” a»; a” M!!! It filly: M‘fljmg 'r: fir“? fl. ' i m: #15:. = ¢ 15-955 A; fl). {239$ “Mai-'3: 1:] What is Eh: maximum mass M1 can have so that M] dues um Mid: up the ramp? Show your war}: and answers El‘lfllfld b: in tmns of]?th g 115, and B. [My flaw”: 1'5"” ‘79 (“m/0 if fin}? Jrgémngc fir?)€rar;} JG .u'i dffifif‘ y’f’fléfiflr’? I" hf ...
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This homework help was uploaded on 04/15/2008 for the course PHYSICS 151 taught by Professor Brar during the Spring '08 term at UMass (Amherst).

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problem set 4 solutions - Name (Lam. Firefl- Eheehatien...

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