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problem set 3 solutions - NILTDG[l-Eflt Fifi-1...

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Unformatted text preview: NILTDG [l-Eflt. Fifi-1} Ratitat'ten {Dayl'l‘ime} .I' Physics '1 5'1 Pruhlem Sat #3 - duet 4B hen": altar discusslen Answer Strueture [2 phi] 1. [ltl pts] Tum students want te raise a heae1.r hes ente die haelt eT' a truelt. They de diis by putting a rep-e Thteugh a handle en the heat. and eaeh liftiag ene side of the rape, ea shetehed- The arrangement is symmetrieal, se that the reps makes an angle '3’ with the her-iaental en either side. The hm: is lifted at a eenstaht speed- In this prehlem yeti 1.eill eempute the magnitude ef the teasien in The repe. Let the mesa ef the trunk (including the handle} be M, and negleet The tease ef the rel-let a) Draw a free hedy diagram at the flames en the handle beside The “real werld” pietttre helew [Den’t ferget die aaisi. Hf I 1 a; b} Write eaeh ef the ferees in terms ef the heriaerttal and vertical eempehehts. ‘t'ee may.r - use either veeter aetat'ten, er seme sen ef erdered pairs- 7:5 fifteen, assess) 75." (I; Jeni} firsflafi) ’5( OJ FM?) 3} Write dfiwn the herimnlal and vettieal eemperte'ele efli'. = ME . Use These equdtiens Le eelve fer the magnitude ef The tensien in eaeh eide ef the repe. Give :II'DLII final, answer in terms ef M: g and an. ertfl : nfeeeide flee-Se” .-.- I”??? :- cf.) 2. [11 pts] Three bleeka en a Efietiunlese hen'zental em'faee are in eenleet with each other as shown helew. A Fame 15,.“ is applied to black :1 [mass Ina}. The cantaet fer-ms can be labeled as F” and fa:- ejl Draw a lirae--|:va:u:11.r diagram fer each b]ne1:-Fer almplieity 3m: may include horizontal fumes Duly. " fig f a} We c) Find me contact fereea FA.B and PM. in Lam-.Laefm mg. 111:, and FM {en-m4, if Ja’fltné'A I £11.15... = ’flJ—fi" =MA fix: ("1! Ffiflfé I (#:1- fffg 1hr”: Fl- ' F..;4- fl!- Fear; fen-pi e!- 35¢. a- ; (#3- Mg We): ...
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