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Unformatted text preview: Turn on Camtasia Recording! Welcome Back Exam Average = 71% ... 1 What did you do for spring break? 1. Studied chemistry 2. 2 Trip to tropical island 3. Visited home town 4. Stayed in Amherst 5. Roadtrip with friends p 6. Worked ... 2 Which is basic? (to a chemist). A. B. B C. D. E. Vinegar oil water Drain Cleaner Cola ... 3 The Chemistry of Acids and Bases Chapter 17 ... 4 ACIDACID-BASE THEORIES The most general theory for common aqueous acids and bases is the BRNSTED - LOWRY theory ACIDS DONATE H+ IONS BASES ACCEPT H+ IONS ... 5 Acid and Bases ... 6 Acid and Bases ... 7 Acid and Bases ... 8 Strong and Weak Acids/Bases Generally divide acids and bases into STRONG or WEAK ones. STRONG ACID: HNO3(aq) + H2O(liq) ---> aq) O(liq) ---> aq) aq) H3O+(aq) + NO3-(aq) HNO3 is about ______dissociated in water. ... 9 In ncreasing Acid St trength Inc creasing Base Strength 10 ... Strong and Weak Acids/Bases HNO3, HCl, H2SO4 and HClO4 are among the only known strong acids. ... 11 Strong and Weak Acids/Bases Weak acids are much __________ionized in water. water. One of the best known is acetic acid = CH3CO2H ... 12 Strong and Weak Acids/Bases Strong Base: _____ dissociated in water. NaOH(aq) ---> NaOH(aq) ---> Na+(aq) + OH-(aq) aq) aq) Other common strong bases include KOH and Ca(OH)2. CaO (lime) + H2O --> --> Ca(OH)2 (slaked lime) CaO ... 13 Strong and Weak Acids/Bases Weak base: ________ionized in water One of the best known weak bases is ammonia NH3(aq) + H2O(liq) NH4+(aq) + OH-(aq) aq) O(liq) aq) aq) ... 14 Which is a strong acid? A.H2S04 B.H B H20 C.Na0H D.CH D.CH3CO2H E.NH E. E NH3 ... 15 ACIDACID-BASE THEORIES The Brnsted definition means NH3 is a ____ in water -- and water is itself an _____ NH3 + H 2O NH4+ + OH - ... 16 ACIDACID-BASE THEORIES NH3 is a BASE in water -- and water is itself an ACID NH3 / NH4+ is a _________-- related by the gain or loss of H+ Every acid has a _________ and vice-versa. vice... 17 Conjugate Pairs ... 18 More About Water H2O can function as both an ACID and a BASE. In pure water there can be ________________ Equilibrium constant for autoion = Kw Kw = [H3O+] [OH-] = 1.00 x 10-14 at 25 oC ... 19 Autoionization OH- H3O+ Kw = [H3O+] [OH-] = 1.00 x 10-14 at 25 oC In I a neutral solution t l l i so Kw = and so [H3O+] = [OH-] = ... 20 Calculating [H3O+] & [OH-] You add 0.0010 mol of NaOH to 1.0 L of pure water. Calculate [H3O+] and [OH-]. ... 21 This solution is _________ because ... 22 What is pH? Arnold Beckman Inventor of the pH Meter pH = -log[H3O+] H l [H pOH = -log[OH-] pKA = -log(KA) pKB = -log(KB) ... 23 [H3O+], [OH-] and pH A common way to express acidity and basicity is with pH pH In a neutral solution, ... 24 [H3O+], [OH-] and pH What is the pH of the 0.0010 M NaOH solution? General conclusion -- Basic solution Neutral Acidic solution ... 25 The pH Scale ... Active Figure 17.2 26 [H3O+], [OH-] and pH If the pH of Coke is 3.12, it is ____________. ... 27 pH of Common Substances ... 28 Other pX Scales In general and so Kw = [H3O+] [OH-] = 1.00 x 10-14 at 25 oC pX = -log X ... 29 If the pH is 3.7, what is pOH? A.3.7 B.7.0 B70 C.10.3 D.14 E. 17.7 ... 30 ...
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