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Class Notes - 12-5-07 - Psychology Class Notes TEST DON'T...

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Psychology – Class Notes – 12/5/07 TEST: DON’T DO: CHAPTER 11 - Dissociative identity disorder – Nothing from this section will be on the exam DON’T DO: Chapter 12 – “evaluating psychotherapy” DO: Chapter 14 – ONLY: Pages 470-484 VIDEO ON “LOVE AND SEX” – QUESTIONS ABOUT THIS WILL BE ON THE EXAM. CHAPTER #13 - Emotion Stress and Health Chapter 13 o Stress and our brains: long term implications on health o o Hippocampi BRAIN/ENDOCRINE “THERMOSTAT” Is this stressful? If yes, then CRH released from Hypothalamus Pituitary releases ACTH ACTH binds to adrenals and cortisol is released HIGH LEVELS OF CORTISOL - High blood pressure, poor cognitive performance, immune dysfunction, as well as abdominal apotomy (build up of fat in the abdomen area). o Abdominal apotomy – associated with high levels of stress, which induces high levels of cortisol circulation “Thermostat” Analogy – If you are constantly under stress and constantly releasing cortisol – the PERCEPTION of the event as stressful is MOST important, because if it is perceived as stressful, the stress response will activate
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SAM and HPA SAM and HPA: Hypothalamus secretes corticotrophin-releasing hormone (CRH) SAM and HPA: CRH causes the pituitary gland to secrete and
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Class Notes - 12-5-07 - Psychology Class Notes TEST DON'T...

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