Class Notes - 11-7-07

Class Notes - 11-7-07 - Psychology Class Notes 11/7/07...

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Psychology – Class Notes – 11/7/07 These classic experiments are really REALLY IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! REALLY REALLY REALLY IMPORTANT TO HEALTH PSYCHOLOGY Classic experiments Zimbard Prison experiment Asch’s Study on Conformity Milgram and Obedience to Authority New - The Bystander Effect and the case of Kitty Genovese Prison Study - What did they do? - What did they find? - Why is it significant? Phil Zimbardo – Researcher who designed the experiment at Stanford University Well known A group of students volunteered Half were prisoners, half were guards o They were screened for emotional disorders o Physically and emotionally healthy o Randomly assigned to be guard or prisoner This is important Totally random, not chosen specifically to be either position o Students were arrested totally randomly and realistically – not on a time schedule – unexpectedly arrested - Taken to local jail Exact same procedure as though they were really being arrested o Design was for two weeks o Booked, stripped, deloused (sterilized for lice) o Prisoners were blindfolded and placed in the basement of Stanford psychology department built to look exactly like a prison What did they find? o The students played the roles and became the role The guards and prisoners played the role of their position way beyond o They willingly conformed to social roles o None of the guards before the study every showed history of sadistic behavior or being in leadership positions o The prisoners were not typically submissive in any way o Harassing the prisoners, giving them petty orders o The guards always referred to the prisoners by their numbers willingly
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Class Notes - 11-7-07 - Psychology Class Notes 11/7/07...

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