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Class Notes - 11-5-0-7

Class Notes - 11-5-0-7 - Psychology Class Notes Social...

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Psychology – Class Notes – 11/5/07 Social Behavior – Part I Positive/Negative Reinforcement or Punishment $100 for making the Dean’s List o Positive Reinforcement Pay for your own car insurance b/c bad grades o Negative punishment Get a sticker for a good grade o Positive reinforcement Roommate stops smoking in the house when you clean up your filth o Negative reinforcement No Spring break to Fiji after getting picked up by the Police for DUI. o Negative Punishment Behavior in Social and Cultural Contexts How you behave is modified by the influence of peers Roles and Rules for Behavior Social Norms o Unspoken rules about how people are supposed to act o Example: President cook wearing a suit every day as president of the college Social Roles o Positions in society that are regulated by norms about how people in those positions should behave. o Example: Professor Student Both are governed by different types of social norms o Students should act like they are interested, not talk while professor is.
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