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Class Notes - 10-22-07 - Psychology Class Notes 10/22/07...

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Psychology – Class Notes – 10/22/07 CHAPTER #7 – THINKING AND INTELLIGENCE Thinking and Intelligence are two TOTALLY different subjects Today we will be talking about thinking . THINKING All thinking is not necessarily conscious Not all levels of cognitive thinking happen at a conscious level What does it mean “to think”? Thinking - Mentally manipulating information o Purpose – Summarize and simplify information (overwhelming amount of information in the environment) The difference between thinking and cognition: o Cognition – Something that we say when we are aware of our thoughts and perceptions – a product of mind – the degree of awareness of what is happening in our head – conscious process. There are different degrees of awareness, cognition Concepts and prototype definitions are introduced to illustrate that we have these processes that we use to increase the likelihood that the conclusions that we draw most of the time are correct. o We have mental categories of things – help us make decisions without having to think too much of them o Cognitive schemas – example: gender Example: Techniques that human beings use to increase the efficiency of our thinking They exist to help us make sense of things –
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Class Notes - 10-22-07 - Psychology Class Notes 10/22/07...

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