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Class Notes - 10-17-07 - Psychology Class Notes REVIEW EXAM...

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Psychology – Class Notes – 10/17/07 REVIEW: EXAM 2 Test will cover 4, 5, and 6 CHAPTER 4: Neurons, Hormones, and the Brain Nervous System o How the nervous system is organized (pp. 119) o The authors setup a flow chart without some of the labels (gives you the answers) o Divided into the Central Nervous System and Peripheral Nervous System CNS: Brain and Spinal Cord PNS: Somatic Nervous System Autonomic Nervous System o Sympathetic o Parasympathetic o Know these parts Brain: o Brain stem o Cerebellum – coordination and balance – road-side sobriety test (alcohol) o Thalamus o Medulla o Amygdalla o Hypothalamus o Cerebral cortex (4 lobes – know these – IDENTIFY THE 4 LOBES – principle function ) Frontal (front) Organization, planning, executive function – ability to suppress our true thoughts Parietal (top) Temporal (bottom) Hearing (auditory) Language Occipital (back) Vision, KNOW THESE PEOPLE: Phineas Gage – rod through the brain (pp. 135)
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Dr. Wilder Penfield (developed a way to treat seizure patients – studied different areas of the brain by electrically stimulating the cortical surface of the brain for people who had epilepsy (developed the concept of the homunculus “little man”) o Purpose of the “little man” – Penfield found how much cortical surface was dedicated to body parts and areas of the body and based on how much space would stimulate the face or the thumb – he developed this sensory map of the brain which depicted which areas of the brain were responsible for different body sensations - Where you feel things the most o The little man concept was derived from the electrostimulation experiments Neurons o Don’t really have to know too much about the anatomy of the neuron. o
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Class Notes - 10-17-07 - Psychology Class Notes REVIEW EXAM...

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