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Class Notes - 10-8-07 - Psychology Class Notes 10/8/07...

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Psychology – Class Notes – 10/8/07 Altered States: Mechanisms of Drug Action (Chapter 5- End ) Exam is next Friday: October 19 th , 2007 Classification Reflects General Mechanism of Action Stimulants (speeds up heart rate, metabolism, Speeds up Central Nervous System activity) o Large doses can induce seizures, heart attacks, death Caffeine Nicotine Cocaine Amphetamines Crystal Meth Depressants (slows down Central Nervous System – suppresses CNS activity) o Withdrawal can be severe Symptoms can lead to coma, death Tranquilizers Valium Zanex Opiates (relieve pain) o ? Natural ? Psychedelics (disrupt normal thought processes, including thought and perception) o LSD o Ecstasy o Syllicibum (mushroom) - Neurons (electrical impulses travel in one direction) - Synaptic action of drugs occurs at the Synapse (or the Synaptic Cleft – the space in between) Mechanisms of Action that characterize each category Stimulants act on dopamine (DA) receptors in the brain. o “Reward pathway” (neural pathway) that is comprised of different brain areas “Reward Pathway” - We mean activity of the Nucleus Accumbens (which is a central structure – not a cortical structure – mid-brain structure)
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Class Notes - 10-8-07 - Psychology Class Notes 10/8/07...

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