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Class Notes - 10-5-07 - Psychology Class Notes WHAT DO WE...

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Psychology – Class Notes – 10/5/07 WHAT DO WE KNOW ABOUT SLEEP? EEG o Electro EncephaloGram – Piece of technology that allows us to record the electrical activity in the brain by placing sensors on the surface of the scalp. o Different types of electrical activity recorded on the surface of the scalp Alpha waves – Awake, relaxed – lots of alpha wave. Spindle (burst of activity) Delta waves o STAGES: Awake, relaxed Lots of alpha waves Stage 1: Less alpha activity is Stage 1 sleep Stage 2: When there is a burst of activity (high frequency) K-complex – Huge burst (high amplitude) Alpha activity is gone. Stage 3: Less K-complex Fewer sleep spindles Heart and breathing rates go down Delta waves (large dips down) Stage 4: Mostly Delta Looks increasingly synchronized (very regular type of activity – regular amplitude of the wave) Stage 5: REM Sleep After about 90 minutes of sleeping o This varies as a function of ages Fast, rapid, desynchronized activity Desynchronized Remarkably similar to being awake Extremely high frequency (but also high amplitude) wave Our muscles are paralyzed – muscle atonia If you wake someone up from REM, it is very difficult to do so The eyeballs roll all over the place (Rapid-Eye Movement – R.E.M) We go through this cycle about 5, 6 times per night We are in this type of sleep towards the end of the night (early morning)
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o If you wake up in the early morning hours – you are more likely to remember your dreams REM periods get longer as night progresses Stage 4 occurs early in the night As we get older, the amount of time spent in REM sleep decreases As you wake up someone up during stage X every times during the night,
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Class Notes - 10-5-07 - Psychology Class Notes WHAT DO WE...

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