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Class Notes - 10-1-07

Class Notes - 10-1-07 - Class Notes Psychology"We are what...

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Class Notes – Psychology – 10/1/07 “We are what we eat: Long-chain omega-3 fatty acids and mental healthy” October 17 th , 2007 Review Session for Exam Bernard Gesh – Prison guard in a jail in England o Just a normal guy – he came up with the idea that “what if we make the diets of prisoners better” – what if we supplement their diets and see what happens o He conducted a placebo-based study (double-blind study) – over 4 or 5 months o Fish oil + multi-vitamin – 40% reduction in rule-breaking offenses (VERY SIGNFICANT) 2002-2003 First study that looked at effects of certain foods on mood and behavior “Neutraceuticals” Eating a natural food for the purpose of a natural medical application. Long-Chain Omega-3 Fatty Acids Eating more nutritious food can affect brain-function Fish - Salmon - Mackerel - Sardines - Herring - Flounder - Tuna - Pollock - Halibut - Oysters - Shrimp - Crabs EPA DHA These acids come only from the ocean (marine in nature)
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