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Class Notes - 10-31-07 - Psychology Class Notes Changing...

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Psychology – Class Notes – 10/31/07 Changing officer hours on Mondays to 12 – 1:30 P.M LEARNING I Ivan Haslov Learning is a relatively permanent change in an organism’s behavior due to experience . Reflexive behavior (is innate, but possible to change) Associative learning – The formation of making a mental association between two events o Associative therapy – Can be used to undue associative fears Nonassociative learning – Habituation occurs and people will decrease responsiveness to a stimulus that occurs frequently (the hum of a fan – repeated stimulation of the fan – become used to it) TYPES OF LEARNING Classical Conditioning – Learn that one event is followed by another Operant Conditioning - Learn that a response you make will be followed by a consequence Think of the brain as a black box – what happens inside the brain does not matter to the behaviorist – not concerned with specific parts of the brain (not their topic of study) – interested in what happens as a result of what happens in the brain INTERESTED in observable behavior only Behaviorists Ivan Pavlov and B.F .Skinner
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CLASSICAL CONDITIONING (Ivan Pavlov – 1849-1936) Physiologist Endocrinology Nobel Prize – studying digestion (role of saliva in digestion) Stimulus-Response – Ivan is the father of stimulus response o Pavlovian learning o Research came as a result of a puzzling observation that he made
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Class Notes - 10-31-07 - Psychology Class Notes Changing...

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