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Class Notes - 11-2-07

Class Notes - 11-2-07 - Psychology Class Notes Learning...

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Psychology – Class Notes – 11/2/07 Learning Lecture II Essay is due: November 12, 2007 Learning is a relatively permanent change in an organisms’ behavior due to experience. 2 Types of Learning Classical Conditioning : Learn that one event is followed by another o Ivan Pavlov Operant Conditioning : Learn that a response you make will be followed by a consequence o B.F. Skinner Dr. Watson Quintessential Behaviorist o Theory that environment o Human beings were shaped solely by their environment o “Tabula Rasa” – brain is blank slate o Everything is learned o Urges parents to take active control of the child’s environment o Environment is the only thing that shapes the personality and behavior of all children o Theory was in total opposite of the theory of eugenics – our genetic makeup determines our potential to be successful o Little Albert experiment – Most famous experiment – took an infant – No innate fear of anything – the kid is innately curious of all things – there was a loud clanging sound behind Albert’s head – Albert fell over in total fear – Stimulus generalization occurred, such that you put anything in front of Albert’s face that resembled the little white rat Albert became frightened at
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