Class Notes - 11-2-07

Class Notes - 11-2-07 - Psychology Class Notes 11/2/07...

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Unformatted text preview: Psychology Class Notes 11/2/07 Learning Lecture II Essay is due: November 12, 2007 Learning is a relatively permanent change in an organisms behavior due to experience. 2 Types of Learning Classical Conditioning : Learn that one event is followed by another o Ivan Pavlov Operant Conditioning : Learn that a response you make will be followed by a consequence o B.F. Skinner Dr. Watson Quintessential Behaviorist o Theory that environment o Human beings were shaped solely by their environment o Tabula Rasa brain is blank slate o Everything is learned o Urges parents to take active control of the childs environment o Environment is the only thing that shapes the personality and behavior of all children o Theory was in total opposite of the theory of eugenics our genetic makeup determines our potential to be successful o Little Albert experiment Most famous experiment took an infant No innate fear of anything the kid is innately curious of all things there was a loud clanging sound behind Alberts head Albert fell over in total fear Stimulus generalization occurred, such that you put anything in front of Alberts face that resembled the little white rat Albert became frightened at...
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Class Notes - 11-2-07 - Psychology Class Notes 11/2/07...

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